About the company

The basic goals and vision of APIS-VITA d.o.o. based on ensuring the quality use of technologically advanced processes that meet all the requirements and limitations of the HACCP system.

Today, a healthy diet is extremely important for every individual, which is why we offer our customers a range of naturally produced high-quality Slovenian vinegars from the Matejev brand.


The young and ambitious team takes care of constantly maintaining and upgrading the quality and range of products in order to meet the requirements of a wide group of users.


We upgraded traditional processing processes with creative ideas and modern approaches, and enabled the production of top-quality, healthy and environmentally friendly products. Their excellence is confirmed by international quality standards, confirmed at the highest level.


The company combines tradition, modernity and high quality and strives to meet the complex needs of consumers. The selection of Apis-vita brand products ensures high value-added products that meet the aspects of responsibility towards the social and natural environment.